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Email Marketing Dead? No Email Marketing is Changing.

No email marketing isn’t dead…email is changing in a big way. People’s inboxes are overflowing and it can be overwhelming. It has gotten to the point where the delete key is the most active key on the keyboard. Do you realized that less than 30 % of emails are opened ? That means that a lot of contacts are not reading your emails. Think about it !!!! If they aren’t reading your emails they are not buying !!!

What if you add someone to your email list and send a text message or a voice message also ? Most text messages are read in about 20 minutes. 98% of your targeted customers have cell phones. Just imagine building your email list while you automatically add them to your texting or voice mail campaign. What a way to explode your business.

Combine a powerfull way to to connect with prospects using any autoresponder, build a an email list while adding them to your text or voice mail campaign.

Mobile marketing is about to explode and you can be one of the very first and not only use this technology yourself…but build a massive additional income showing others YOU can grab your spot in pre-launch at absolutely ZERO cost. Receive your Affiliate link to promote to your list, send to free lists and ppc campaigns to profit BIG TIME from the newest revolution in marketing.

The best part is you will be paid 25% for each paid referral every month This powerful technology will not last long Introducing. Now you can be one of the very first and not only use this technology yourself…but build a massive additional income showing others.

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What you should have to build an online business

The most important thing to do on the Internet is to create a presence by branding yourself. It is all about your name, your reputation and business presence online called branding. You may say how can I do that ? What is branding ? What tools ?

You need free web hosting, a domain name , a word press blog, videos and an auto responder.You also need training. You also have to build your list of prospects and brand yourself. All at an affordable cost.

GVO has all the tools you need to to build your online business whether you are new to Internet marketing or you have an existing business. GVO will benefit you.

GVO has  it all Web Hosting, unlimited domain names, a professional auto responder, easy video producer to create your videos, a ten seat conference room, training on how to  create and install word press blogs Training conferences five days a week. All at an affordable price.

Join us today $ 1.00   14 day trial. You will see how GVO will benefit you

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