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Internet Network Marketing — MLM Marketing For Beginners

Recently I came across a Blog “Internet Network Marketing — Not for MLM Beginners which I thought was very interesting so I decided to write my ideas on Internet Marketing and MLM Beginners

First of all I am not sure if I like the term Newbies which is used a lot by maketers on the Internet. Beginners is a better term for people with lack of knowlegde on how to market on the Internet. We all have to start somewhere and we have to start at the beginning.

There are a lot of Marketers who advocate the attraction marketing concept. The idea that anyone who wants to build a successfull business should move beyond their warm market. I totally agree with with that idea There are lots of ideas and information on the internet on attraction marketing. I suggest that a Beginner should search for information on attraction marketing in Goggle or watch videos on youtube.

There are a marketers who advocate that beginners approach their warm market prospects and move on to other methods. I am not so sure if that is good approach but again we have to start somewhere at the beginning. I believe that anyone new to internet marketing or MLM marketing should do a lot of research and on the pros of cons on attraction marketing and approaching their warm market before they start. They should try and develope a plan of action from that research.

Internet marketing and MLM Marketing takes a lot of time and work. It costs some money and also takes a lot of research to learn what is available on the internet. It is a huge learning curve. Beginners have to find a product and services to promote. Most of us refer to it as a niche They also have to learn how to promote that product.. Where do they start ?

A lot of beginners start online searching for ways to make money. They jump from program to program. When one does not work they move on to another . Some become lucky and find a program or a product that works for them because they have some prior knowledge through work etc etc. A lot of beginners become overwhemed by all the information. There are a lot of marketers who prey on the beginners and make it sound so easy to make money online. There are also the scams The unfortunate part is that most dont ask for their money back

The complexity of internet network marketing is a deterrent to most entry-level MLM’ers. I think if you are going to bring people into your business you need a to be able to connect them with the right people, the right tools, the right training and the right system for beginners to plug into. I have such a system

The beginners in network marketing should develope a plan

I. Have a Budget
2 Have a Product
3 Find a Mentor or Business Coach
4 Be willing to put time and effort into their business
5 Plan their days weeks and months and plan long term
6 Make goals
7 Take action

I am looking forward to your comments  from you whether you disagree or not

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Randy Whitehorne