Affiliate Marketing Verus Digital Marketing ? marketing is a business and a process where you promote a product for a company or product owner and get paid a commission when you make a sale

In essence, The role of an affiliate marketer is to advertise and promote other people's products to earn commissions.

Think of a car salesman or a real estate agent. When they make a sale they get paid a commission.

Affiliate marketing is a branch of digital marketing. Both may have different features and aspects but are evolving when it comes to online marketing and can work closely together. 

Digital marketing is marketing your product snd service through advertisements on various online platforms using digital means and technology

You can earn an income by being a part of both or a combination of the two. Both are very popular

For the beginner, It can be overwhelming, and frustrating

The purpose of this post is to introduce a low cost training system that will help the beginner, the struggling marketer or another source of income for the advanced marketer 

It combines the power of Affiliate Marketing and Digital Marketing to create a powerful training and income system. 

Receive access to a system that may change your life forever.